Who is Pepe Escobar, Anyway?


Journalist Pepe Escobar is one of those remarkable Brazilians like the film director Fernando Meirelles or the photographer Sebastiao Salgado, rich in both human and professional qualities. In fact, all three of them are related to Sao Paulo. The first two were born in that city and Salgado studied economics at the university there.

Escobar was one of the first journalists to reach Kabul after the Taliban’s retreat, and more recently he has explored and reported from Iraq, Iran, Central Asia, US and China. He currently writes a column called The Roving Eye for Asia Times Online and is a correspondent and news analyst for The Real News Network. Escobar is the author of two books, Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007) and Red Zone Blues: A Snapshot of Baghdad During the Surge (Nimble Books, 2007).

On August 30, 2001, less than two weeks before September 11, he wrote a prophetic column for Asia Times Online entitled: “Get Osama! Now! Or Else…

Here’s a link to the best of Escobar’s columns in Asia Times Online. There’s lots of excellent reporting here dating back to July, 2004. Continue reading


“Well, some countries seem to be able to bomb others whenever they feel like it.”

This video is The Real News Network’s Pepe Escobar commenting on the Israeli bombing of Syria on September 6 of last year, an event which went uninvestigated by the mainstream Western media.

The Presidential Candidates As Polymorphous Panderers

Albrecht Dürer\'s \

Who and What the U.S. Presidential Candidates Must Pander to in Order to Get Elected:

  • To extreme right-wing Christians, who don’t require reasons. They have the agenda of their angry God. They’ve formed a group called Christians United for Israel (CUFI). One of their spokesmen, Pastor John Hagee recently declared:The United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God’s plan for both Israel and the West… a biblically prophesied end-time confrontation with Iran, which will lead to the Rapture, Tribulation […] and [the] Second Coming of Christ.”

    That is to say, they want to bring on the Apocalypse, which would expedite their own ascent into heaven and send their enemies straight to hell. Continue reading

How to Produce a Disoriented Citizen

Oriented or Disoriented?

In case you were wondering, here’s how to produce a thoroughly disoriented citizen:

  • Tell him he’s superior to people from other countries.
  • Put a gun in his hand.
  • Flag-wave him to death.
  • Repeat more, louder lies.
  • Distract him with hard-core consumption.
  • Make money his measure of all things.
  • Make false promises.
  • Bribe him.
  • Frighten him.
  • Isolate him.
  • Banalize him.
  • Send his children to war.
  • Re-engineer the electoral process to as to install low men in high places.
  • Tell him torture is necessary.
  • Feed him false philosophy, empty values.
  • Offer him venal role models.
  • Convince him that speculation is “business.”
  • Convince him that if he’s not rich there’s something wrong with him.
  • Fill him up with that old-time religion.
  • Imprison him.
  • Steal his constitutional rights.

That should do it.

Guantánamo Torture Records “Lost”

Guantanamo prisoners at recess.


This from today’s Guardian.

These guys are so predictable. I’m constantly reminded of the old saw: “Military intelligence is to intelligence as military music is to music.”

Americans Victims of Pentagon Media PSYOPS

I’m Aghast But Not Surprised

In a bombshell article published yesterday in the NY Times, entitled “Behind Military Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand,” investigative journalist David Barstow reveals a continuing Pentagon psychological operations (PSYOP) maneuver to disinform the American public through the manipulation of retired senior military officers employed by the media as news analysts. Barstow says, “Hidden behind that appearance of objectivity, though, is a Pentagon information apparatus that has used those analysts in a campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance…”

The 14-page article was based on smoking-gun official Pentagon documentation–8,000 pages of e-mail messages, transcripts and records describing years of private briefings, trips to Iraq and Guantánamo and an extensive Pentagon talking points operation–obtained by the NY Times after suing the Defense Department to gain access. Continue reading

Why the U.S. Can’t Leave Iraq

Just ran across this fascinating article by Christopher King on the Al Jazeera website. I was impressed not so much by the premise, which is familiar, as by the numbers, which are bruising. If you have ever asked yourself: “When will this American madness end?” you’ll be smitten by this article.

But before you go have a look at this montage by Mark Fiore, a real trip down memory lane. The title is “We Stopped the Vietnam War, So We Can Stop the Iraq War.”