Is This the Outbreak of The American Civil War II?

Sarah Palin targets liberal democrats
People on this side of the Atlantic and further afield have been wondering for a long time what’s going on in the U.S.A., and what is it all building up to? Please permit me to suggest that the American Civil War II, which has been brewing for past four decades (roughly since I departed for good; I never should have left them alone…) has suddenly, in Tucson, Arizona on January 8, 2011, turned into a shooting war.

The events and ideologies which underpin this flareup are at least in part economical. As Richard Wolff affirms in an excellent article published on January 8 in The Guardian, it was in the seventies that “real wages stopped rising, as US capitalists redirected their investments to produce and employ abroad, while replacing millions of workers in the US with computers. The US women’s liberation moved millions of US adult women to seek paid employment. US capitalism no longer faced a shortage of labour. Employers … stopped raising wages. When basic labour scarcity became labour excess, not only real wages, but eventually benefits, too, would stop rising. Over the last 30 years, the vast majority of US workers have, in fact, gotten poorer, when you sum up flat real wages, reduced benefits (pensions, medical insurance, etc), reduced public services and raised tax burdens. In economic terms, American ‘exceptionalism’ began to die in the 1970s.”

It was this squeeze by the American capitalists on their own countrymen of the working and middle classes, coupled with egregious bank rapacity and forced taxpayer bailouts for the super rich, along with simplistic and self-centered right-wing truculence in the media and on the street, which divided the country in two. No longer united, the States became two warring camps, one driven by greed and naked self interest (some of it vicarious on the part of poor people merely aspiring to affluence), the other by simple survival reactions. Until last January 8 the war was verbal and ideological. Since that day we now recognize it for what it is: a shooting war.


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