U.S. Shows Extreme Generosity with Refugees… from Justice

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Plum Jobs Go to Coalition Collaborators

It has been heart warming to see the generosity with which the United States government, universities and businesses are treating Tony Blair, ex-prime minister of the U.K., and José María Aznar, ex-president of Spain. Both of these distinguished elder statesmen were named to prestigious professorships at American universities, and both of them are currently enjoying succulent advisory positions with American businesses.

Keeping in mind what Tony Blair and José María Aznar have most conspicuously in common–their slavish support for the United States invasion of Iraq–and especially after seeing this satirical video (below) recently posted on YouTube by Spanish critics of their ex president, I am prompted to ask, “What’s going on here?” Continue reading


Iraq: Who Won the War?

Child flees from Iraq fightingThis article in today’s Independent provides a nice summing up of what the U.S. and Britain have achieved with their war on Iraq.  Authors Raymond Whitaker and Stephen Foley have prepared a thorough and dispassionate report from an independent British point of view. It makes fascinating–and depressing–reading.  At the end of the piece they offer us two lists, one of winners, the other of losers:

  • Winners: Dick Cheney, Iran, Sir John Scarlett, Al-Qa’ida, the Kurds, Tim Spicer
  • Losers: George Bush, the neocons, Tony Blair, the Palestinians, the US media, Afghanistan, British security

If you find that article fascinating, you might also have a look at Lord Owen analyses Tony Blair’s psyche from today’s Times of London, written by Tony Blair’s ex foreign minister, David Owen, and which portrays Blair’s character as profoundly flawed due to his own hubris. It happens that Lord Owen, besides being a lifelong Labour politician, is also a neurologist.