Who is Pepe Escobar, Anyway?


Journalist Pepe Escobar is one of those remarkable Brazilians like the film director Fernando Meirelles or the photographer Sebastiao Salgado, rich in both human and professional qualities. In fact, all three of them are related to Sao Paulo. The first two were born in that city and Salgado studied economics at the university there.

Escobar was one of the first journalists to reach Kabul after the Taliban’s retreat, and more recently he has explored and reported from Iraq, Iran, Central Asia, US and China. He currently writes a column called The Roving Eye for Asia Times Online and is a correspondent and news analyst for The Real News Network. Escobar is the author of two books, Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007) and Red Zone Blues: A Snapshot of Baghdad During the Surge (Nimble Books, 2007).

On August 30, 2001, less than two weeks before September 11, he wrote a prophetic column for Asia Times Online entitled: “Get Osama! Now! Or Else…

Here’s a link to the best of Escobar’s columns in Asia Times Online. There’s lots of excellent reporting here dating back to July, 2004.

Take a look at these videos of Escobar´s work as a news analyst for the Real News Network. I think you’ll find a new depth and fresh insights into every subject Escobar touches upon. For me it’s like having a curtain drawn back before my eyes. It makes me realize just how timid and limited is the reporting done on the same subjects by the mainstream media.

Why Did President Bush Go to Iraq?

And this:

McCain’s Song “Bomb Iran” Shows Agenda

And this:

Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline is On


10 Responses

  1. Is it possible to obtain English transcripts of Escobar’s videos. I am at this moment interested in transcripts for “There will be class war, there will be blood. Parts I and II.

    These videos are at points difficult to understand because of Escobar’s thick accent. So when I forward copies I would like to accompany them with a transcript if possible.

    In the interest of accurate jounalism, and thanks for all you have done, Curtis Moore

  2. This is how I see it. The ruling power elites are intelligent enough to realize two criical facts: 1. As the world becomes increasingly populated, it is more unstable and headed for collapse and warfare for survival. 2. The US is the most powerful country, at pr esent, but the citizens are largely stupid and lazy, in an intellectual sense, and incapable of maintainning a working constitutional republic. This is a simplistic model but it does serve well to demonstrate the driving force for control and survival by the powerful elite. What would you do under similar circumstances to protect your wealth and family?

  3. I have read some articles and references to Pepe Escobar’s book, Globalistan, but only today I came to know he is Brazilian

    It was a good surprise to me, for I am a Brazilian, too

    Escobar is very intelligent and insightful.

    More people should notice him

  4. Pepe Excobar – if this reaches you – please know that your content is superb. Your delivery sucks – i can’t understand a thing you say. Please consider elocution lessons . . . and perhaps slow down a little especially when you are excited. Thank you – Really I want to understand what you say.

  5. […] wrote a prophetic column for Asia Times Online entitled: “Get Osama! Now! Or Else…“ – Who is Pepe Escobar, anyway? – Mike Booth, The Gringo […]

  6. […] and limited is the reporting done on the same subjects by the mainstream media.” – Who is Pepe Escobar, anyway? – Mike Booth, The Gringo […]

  7. pepe, the one and only!!!
    wilson junior

  8. Thank you for this article about Pepe Escobar.
    I’ll use it as a reference to a post I’m doing about one of his article.
    Thank you.
    Ana Lima

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